Director's Message

Welcome all teachers, parents and students to the new school year!

My name is Ziqing Cai. It is my honour to be the School Administrator of Norwood Chinese School, and it is my hope that you will get to know me better as the year progresses. I am actually not new to the school as I have taught and provided administrative support for the school from 1998 to 2005. It has been my pleasure to work with the students as well as their families, and I am excited to be able to continue this valuable partnership.

Norwood Chinese School was established in 1984. The goal of this school is to provide Chinese language education to aspiring students and thus share our rich Chinese culture with our communities.

Student success is a responsibility shared between school staff, students and parents. We are doing our best to create a rich learning environment for all students. I very much appreciate the support that parents give their children as they strive to reach their learning goals.

Should parents have any questions or concerns, my door is always open to you. So please feel free to drop me a line with a question, a concern or just for a friendly chat. You can reach me through the school phone number 780-908-6406 or by email

I also suggest that parents should review the Parent/Student Handbook with their children and also visit our website to learn more about the various programs offered at Norwood Chinese School.

Last but not least, I would like to address two key issues:

1) Please notify the school when students are going to be absent.

2) Students’ safety is our primary concern. In order to avoid accidents, please do not use the staff parking lot to drop off or pick up your children. Parking is available on the west and east sides of the school.

 Thank you and have a wonderful school year!


Ziqing Cai

School Administrator