Welcome to Norwood Chinese Education Association/Norwood Chinese School!

About Norwood

The Norwood Chinese Education Association and its subsidiary, Norwood Chinese School, are non-profitable, non-political, and have no affiliation with any political and religious party. The Board of Directors is a group of volunteers, who operates the organization. By committing the Mission Statement, the organization makes the contribution to achieve a harmonious and multicultural society, in which people with respective ethnic backgrounds will understand, appreciate, learn from and benefit with each other.

Our Mission

To inherit, propagate and enrich the traditional Chinese culture, which is composed of its unique language, character, history, science and cultural activities, around our communities.


  • A non-profit organization with no liaison with any political or religious groups. It aims to carry forward the traditional Chinese culture among overseas Chinese living in Edmonton.
  • The Norwood Chinese School is administrated by the Norwood Chinese Education Association, which is composed of the parents whose children are currently studying or used to study at the school. The school hires professional management personnel to organize, manage and supervise its routine educational activities.
  • The school has been established for 40 years.
  • Our teachers are well-qualified: majority of our teachers are either degree holders or experienced educators. They adopt vivid instructional methods to help students learn the Chinese language and culture from a basic to a more complex level.
  • The students' studying is not our only concern, though it is the most important one. We offer Chinese courses in Mandarin and Cantonese. In our educational activities, we also put an emphasis on virtue aspects. Another focus is to foster interests to the students' Chinese culture roots.
  • We rent the facilities of a charter school, thus providing spacious classrooms for educational activities.

2023-2025 Board of Directors:

  • President: Yuet C. Chan
  • Vice President:  Crystal Liu
  • Treasurer: Albert Lee
  • Secretary:  Wilson Shieh
  • Director: Florence Trang | Jian Hua Cui | Tina Tan | Sally Cheung

Cantonese Courses

  • These courses are designed for children aged from 4 to 15 years old. The students are arranged into different levels: Kindergarten to Grade Nine.
  • Starting at a beginner's level, our Cantonese classes are also suitable for students whose mother tongue is not Cantonese (or Chinese).
  • After graduating from our school, students will be able to write practical letters and articles. Their Chinese efficiency will be sufficient for reading common Chinese articles and newspapers.
  • Cantonese courses are taught in the traditional Chinese character system, which is popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Mandarin Courses

  • These courses are designed for children aged from 4 to 15 years old. The students are arranged into different levels: Kindergarten to Grade Nine.
  • The textbooks are specially designed by Jinan Universty of China  to provide an efficient language environment for the students to learn and communicate.
  • The Pinyin system is taught within the Mandarin Courses.
  • Mandarin courses are taught in the simplified Chinese character system. This system is more widely used today.